high with the enemy
high with the enemy

Lana Del Rey for Rolling Stone Magazine

Anonymous said: werent you excited about meeting gaga? why such a bad attitude hahah

sorry it took me so long to get back to you but

1. obv i was excited I’m pretty sure there were tears and i called my mom after but it wasn’t really meeting her, there was another human standing in between us and she signed my cellphone lol, no words were exchanged.

2. not liking someones outfit is an opinion and personal taste….. not a bad attitude.

but congrats i think ur my first anon in months

i had a really rough week and my quick little stop in NY made me forget everything for a little while i love sean and ashleigh

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not to be RUDe but can we talk about how the one time i ever “met” Gaga (she signed the back of my phone and another person standing in between us) at the oakroom… it was probably the worst she has ever looked in public IMO

im so high/emotional right now and i want to talk to people why does this always happen